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New Year, New Me.

So 2021 is upon us, we have eaten far too much over the Christmas holidays, we celebrated with family and friends, and now the festivities are all done and dusted.

What happens now? The age old tradition of setting new years resolutions and attempting to achieve them? By February we have failed and moved on, silently agreeing not to discuss them till the next year rolls around.

But there is something a bit different about this one, its not quite the same as new years gone by, what makes this year different is what preceded it.

If there is one thing we can all agree on, its that 2020 was not the year for setting goals and achieving your dreams. If you made it out of 2020 intact, with your health and your sanity, you go ahead and chalk that one up as a win.

And now it is 2021, the Global pandemic is still raging, borders are still closed and economies lay in ruin. After almost a year of lockdowns, social distancing and separation, the bar has been set so low that we can dream small and that makes our goals more achievable.

At least we start this new year with hope on the horizon, a vaccine is starting to make the rounds and there is talk of a Cook Islands - New Zealand Bubble being established soon.

With that, We would like to wish you all a safe happy and prosperous new Year.

This year at CIFWA our resolution is to make sexual reproductive health and rights more accessible for you.

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