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What are they?

Sexually Transmitted Infections, more commonly known as S.T.Ds or S.T.Is, are the different types of viruses and infections that can be transferred or passed on during sexual intercourse. 

The different types




Hepatitis B

How do I know if I have one?

The most common signs or symptoms are, irritation or inflammation of the genital area, sores, lumps or bumps in or around your genitals, smelly discharge and a burning sensation when urinating.

BUT a lot of the time there aren't any symptoms at all, this is called being asymptomatic, meaning you are carrying the S.T.I and are not showing any of the symptoms. 

The only way you can really know if you have an S.T.I is by getting tested. You can do this at CIFWA, we provide voluntary confidential counseling and testing for S.T.Is. 

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