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Minimum Initial Service Package 

The CIFWA Humanitarian Volunteers, although relatively new, have so many things they wish to achieve in this new year! Although one of the only National Emergency Risks we the Cook Islands have to mitigate and prepare for are cyclones, we do not want to become complacent. Therefore, we want to be proactive and get all our volunteers, as well as the Punas, trained in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, First Aid and basic counselling in order to better serve our people in times of crisis. We also wish to raise awareness.


Our first National Simulation Exercise held in September of 2022 was an eye-opening experience in the Humanitarian space. Working together with Emergency Management Cook Islands (EMCI), the five Punas on Rarotonga, Te Marae Ora (TMO-Ministry of Health), Aitutaki Island Council and Au Vaine allowed for networking and figuring out each of the very important roles we all play during a Humanitarian crisis and how we can support one another.

With this program, we aim to ensure  that when disaster strikes we will be able to provide the basic Sexual Reproductive Health Care that people need. 

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