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Here at CIFWA we have a number of volunteers, they help out with many things. The youth volunteers run our peer education program and outreach activities.

Our governing board is made up of volunteers who lend their expertise to our policies and the way that our organization is run.

Even our staff members volunteer their time to conduct workshops outside of their working hours.

We know that without all of our volunteers we wouldn't be able to run as many programs as we do and for this we are always grateful.

Friday the 5th of December is International Volunteers day, a day when we recognize all that they do for us, a day where we take the time to thank them for their service.

CIFWA will of course be doing something special for our volunteers, but this year we wanted to extend our gratitude to recognizing other volunteers in our communities.

If you have a volunteer who you believe goes above and beyond and deserves recognition, fill out our application form and they have the chance to win one of our gratitude packs.

lets make this international volunteers day a special one.

email application to

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